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Have you ever thought about how your favorite company logos seemed to appear in history?

If you haven’t, but you’re interested in it take a look at StockLogos.Com. There you can find the original and current version of logos used by some of the world’s leading brands.

Some of them haven’t changed their appearance a lot, but some seem to be totally different in numerous ways.

Check out how these famous brands have altered their logos:

The logo of Apple.Inc Company was first designed in 1976 by Ronald Wayne, representing Isaac Newton sitting under an apple tree. On the border around the image you can read: “Newton … A Mind Forever Voyaging Through Strange Seas of Thought … Alone.”

The new logo everyone recognizes today was introduced in 2003.

The Canon logo was introduced in 1935 and from that period it has been changed several times as the company developed. The new version of logo appeared in 1956.


The original logo of Bell Telephone Company was designed in 1900. However, since 1964 the ‘AT&T’ has been the dominant element of the corporate identity so the latest ‘AT&T’ logo was released in 2005.

The BA logo was designed by Negus & Negus in 1973, at the time British European Airways merged with BOAC. The current logo appeared in 1997.


The first and original phoenix logo was designed in 2002. Later it was changed to the firefox around 2004. The new look of logo, retaining the “fire” elements, was designed in 2009.

The first LEGO logo was designed in 1935 but the company decided to simplify the style of logo. So it was changed a bit in 1998.

Here are more original & current logos such as:

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