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Different experts give us different, and often conflicting, advice on how to reduce the risks of cancer. Pretty often we are left confused because what one expert recommends, the other warns against. This is due to the fact that our knowledge about cancer is still young, but there are some things that we know for sure. These simple and CERTAIN tips can help you a lot in your fight against cancer.


Don’t smoke

Ok, you knew it already. Of course you did, but many people neglect this anyway. And smoking doesn’t only cause lung cancer, as many people think, but many others as well. Secondary smoke is dangerous as well, but you leaving cigarettes is the best move you can make in your quest to reduce cancer. If you find giving up very difficult, you shouldn’t stop trying, but ask for help, since there are many ways that can help you with this problem. There is absolutely nothing healthy about cigarettes.

no smoking poster

No smoking

Eat healthy

Food is our fuel, and it should be as healthy and and nutritive as possible. These are some things you should take into consideration.
Fruits and vegetables are very important, as well as whole grains. If they are fresh, they are even healthier.
Reduce the intake of animal fat. Loads of animal fat can lead to weight gain and obesity significantly increases the risks of cancer.
Don’t drink a lot of alcohol. This one is also well known. Alcohol slowly destroys your body and years-long use can lead to serious problems, including cancer.

Frutis on display at the market

Loads of healthy fruits in one place

Exercise regularly

First of all, this can reduce your weight and we already discussed the effects of obesity in this article. But physical activity performed by the people who have no need to reduce weight can also reduce the risks of breast and colon cancers. At least half an hour a day of moderate physical activity should make you feel a lot better and reduce the risks of cancer.

white man lifting weights exercising the biceps

Regular exercise is very healthy

Avoid the sun

Ok, it is nice and often fun, but extensive exposure to heavy rays of sun can cause skin cancer which is one of the most common ones. Shade, sunglasses, sunscreen and broad hats should always be with you if you are in the sun a lot. But tanning beds are even more dangerous and you should really avoid those.

Check your health regularly

This is probably the most important advice we can give you. Most cancers can be treated successfully if they are discovered in time. The longer you wait, the higher the risks. Constant visits to your doctor can be tiresome and expensive, but you can perform most checkups by yourself, while the doctor can show you how to perform them most efficiently.
These tips are sure to help you and they are not difficult to follow, so there are no excuses. Take care of your health immediately.


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