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All relationships in your life – and love relationships especially – always have their ups and their downs, always require some work and getting used to. A relationship is not an easy work, and yet, it doesn’t necessarily need to be a really hard one. In this day and age (though this could also easily be applied to the centuries past), we are somehow conditioned to expect the worst from every relationship – break ups, cheatings, divorces are a norm, while a healthy relationship seems to be something of a Holy Grail for most. Just take a look around yourself – all the books, all the love movies, billions – yes, literally billions of love songs in all languages of the world – speak of flawed relationships and love troubles.

Yet, a healthy relationship is possible – one simply has to be honest, true both to oneself and to the others, and fully aware of dos and don’ts of love. This article deals with some of the most common mistakes and misconceptions about love relationships that, if taken care of, could turn a flawed relationship into a healthy one.

There is no such a thing as perfection

Waiting for that Mrs. Right of your dreams will definitely take centuries – the time you surely don’t have – and eventually lead you nowhere but straight to frustration and misery. No healthy relationship could depend on a perfect partner – but on acceptance of your loved one’s imperfections. Every human being in the world – including you – is a work a progress, so take it cool and make some room for imperfections of others.

Find time for your girlfriend

Life is short, time is short, but no matter how much your job, university, friends and family and everything else are demanding your time, you simply have to find time to nurture your relationship if you care about it. Don’t let neglect take place of attention.

Mind your words

We are all taught that deeds and not words can hurt. In fact, nothing could be farther from the truth. What you say, and perhaps even more importantly, how you say it truly matters. What you say can make your relationship really bad or really good – you can’t have a healthy relationship with anyone if you speak hurtfully and carelessly.

Express your feelings

Lack of appreciation, either real or supposed, is quite a common problem. People want to know if they are really important to the ones they are in relationship with. So, tell your girl everything you feel about her and her qualities and you won’t be wrong.

Listen to your partner

Sometimes you need to count to ten and just listen to your partner before you say something you might regret because of something you misunderstood something. Sometimes listening is all it takes.

Saying “I’m sorry” won’t kill you

Pride goeth before destruction – this is nowhere more true than when it comes to relationship. Pride has ruined more relationships and friendships than anything else. No man in the world is always right, everyone makes mistakes, so when you are wrong just say you are wrong, it’s not hard at all and it will make both you and your partner feel better and take you one step closer to a truly healthy relationship.



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