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How many times have you found yourself with low battery life in place where it isn’t feasible to charge your mobile device? Most likely, more times than you can remember. Thankfully, the creative minds at Innergie have come up with an innovative solution: the PocketCell Duo. Putting out 6,800mAh of power, the PocketCell Duo packs a huge punch in a considerably smaller package. To put this in perspective, the PowerCell Duo can can charge and iPhone 5 more than 4 full times, or charge an iPad 4 to a little over half of its battery life. Innergie claims that, although it only takes 1 hour to fully charge the PocketCell Duo, it can power your phone for 25+ hours. This little device is set to be one of the most useful new products of 2013, and well worth every penny if you often find yourself in the aforementioned situation.


How It Works

The concept behind the PocketCell Duo is simple: take your power with you. Known as a “battery bank,” you simply charge the PocketCell Duo beforehand and take it with you wherever you go. This device can be used to power phones, MP3 players, tablets, and gaming controllers. The possibilities don’t just end there, though. The PocketCell Duo features two USB-out ports that, when coupled with the included Magic Cable Pro (one cord with 3 chargers: Apple USB, mini USB, and micro USB), can charge just about any device.

Is It Worth the Money?

With an MSRP of $99.99, the PocketCell Duo will likely sell for considerably less once it is release later this year. Either way, it depends on how often you find yourself in need of a charge with nowhere to plug in. The original PocketCell from Innergie, which packs about half the power of the PocketCell Duo, sells for around $70 new.


Final Thoughts

Innergie’s motto “Power Your Life” is very fitting. The PowerCell Duo will allow mobile device users everywhere stop worrying so much about batter life and will allow people use their devices more freely. To some, it may see may seem like an unnecessary expense, after all, with “proper planning” anyone could avoid situations that would warrant the use of such a device, however, for the rest of us, we will keep using our devices whether or not there is a place to charge them, assuming we’ve picked up this handy device from Innergie, of course!


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