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Why do we like them so much? What is so good about SUVs?

Ok, for the people who go off-road sometimes, they are a good idea. Don’t really expect to go off-road in your beloved Camaro. But, it is not so rare anymore to see a middle-aged woman driving her children to school in an Escalade that has never seen dirt, let alone mud in deep forest. It costs a lot, it has the fuel efficiency of a tanker and it’s difficult to park and even maneuver in the city. So, why did she buy it? Well, it’s big and safe, with loads of cargo and passenger room. True, but I still believe that these are not good enough reasons for buying an SUV just to drive it around your block. Buy an Audi A8, for example. Bling! That’s what 99% of Escalades sold are about.

Black SUV

2007 Black Cadillac Escalade


“If you put your mother-in-law to the far back, you will actually not hear her nagging”

Ok, maybe a huge car like an Escalade was an easy example to use, but there are many smaller SUVs I have nothing against. They provide us with the safety and room mentioned, as well as high driving position, and are easier to maneuver. The only problem is that the fuel consumption since the prices are getting higher. It is completely normal for a big and heavy car with not very exceptional aerodynamics not to be very economical.

Black Mercedez SUV


Well, not any more. You see, clever car manufacturers have done their best to help their customers opt for SUVs, reducing the fuel consumption and keeping most of their characteristics. They are still roomy, safe and strong and with high driving positions. The only difference is that they are rarely the size of an Escalade, but this is actually good, since they are easier to drive, and even more so to park. And their off-road characteristics also improved due to this.


Red Mazda CX5


How the hell did they do it? Well, smaller and lighter cars automatically mean better fuel efficiency, but hybrid technology and smaller engines also helped a lot.

Black SUV

Black BMW X6


So in the next couple of weeks we shall present to you the most fuel efficient SUVs out there, but also paying attention to their other characteristics, such as design, style, price, performance, reliability and anything a car review should address. Once a week, you will learn about the most popular SUV hybrids, but also about the petrol fueled ones. We shall also make a small competition between them, so you can help us choose the best one. It is still possible to drive an SUV, save money on petrol and stick it to those smothering environmentalists and here you will learn how. Just stay tuned.


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