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Maybe it was time someone started paying a bit more attention to flopping, but the witch-hunt that is on at the moment may be a bit too much. Floppers have been known to use their ‘’skills’’ to turn some games, and last season talks about that became ever-present. David Stern recently commented that flopping was used to fool the referees and that it was not a legitimate play in his eyes. Near the end of the previous season his idea was not met with wide agreement, but currently the NBA is finalizing the procedures to punish the floppers.

The procedures should include a postgame analysis of the suspected matchups, and the players would be fined, should the reviewers discover too much acting capacity in them. This is not a completely new idea, since the league already has some kind of retroactive penalizing for flagrant fouls. Still, problems do exist. Huge penalties would put flopping in the same line with flagrant fouls, and this is just not so, while smaller fines would serve no purpose with the players who earn loads of money. And some feel that something should be done during a game since a postgame review may not be as effective as it should be. But it is not so often clear whether something is a flop or not. Not all are like this:

Most of them are actually fouls that the players emphasize by flopping. Still, even with this many problems, this is still a step in the right direction, if for no other reason, then for giving bad publicity to floppers. The general idea is that obvious flops, such as the one in the previous video, should be penalized, but there is a fear that only serious fouls will not be called flops, and this could be a huge problem in a game where players need to be extremely fast and precise.



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