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Johnny Depp (49) is one of those rare actors in modern cinema whose mere presence in a movie guarantees a unique, high-class entertainment. While he is best known for the quirky characters he played in numerous Tim Burton movies, often starring alongside another great movie personality, Burton’s wife Helena Bonham Carter, as well as the marvellous performance and characterization of Captain Jack Sparrow in ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’ movie series, Depp is privately devoted to his children, enjoys living anonymously in Europe and stays away from the Hollywood parties and scandals.

Johnny Depp

There was hardly a hint of Depp becoming the highest paid actor in Hollywood one day during his early years. Born in Owensboro, Kentucky as the youngest of the four children in the family that would eventually split, Depp moved frequently and his main interest was music. The numerous family problems and stress caused him to engage in self-harm and Depp talked openly about these issues on several occasions.

Depp’s acting career began with the Fox TV crime series ’21 Jump Street’ that made him a teenage star in the late 1980s. His first movie was Wes Craven’s now classic horror slasher movie ‘A Nightmare on Elm Street’ from 1984.

However, the Johnny Depp we all know and love – the masked, eccentric and romantic persona – first appeared on screen as the leading character of the 1990 Tim Burton movie ‘Edward Scissorhands’ alongside his then-spouse Winona Ryder and the classic Hollywood legend Vincent Price.

The film was a tremendous success and started the long time collaboration and friendship of Tim Burton and Depp that will spawn eight more movies, the latest one being the 2012 ‘Dark Shadows’.

Johnny’s major contribution to the film history and pop culture in general is the character of the quirky, morally ambiguous, freedom-loving  and verbal pirate Captain Jack Sparrow from Walt Disney’s ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’ movie series.

While it was already unusual that Johnny Depp would star in a Disney movie, it was perhaps even more unusual that it was Depp himself who developed the character for the most part. Blending the heritage of the classic swashbucklers, old pirate movies and novels, British movies from the 1930s (the 1938 film ‘Pygmalion’ specifically) with the camp of glam rock stars of the 1970s, Johnny created a unique, funny, but inspiring and warm persona that technology-oriented Hollywood of the 2000s (as well as the  rest of the world) so desperately needed.

‘Now, bring me that horizon…’

After the four ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’ movies, it has been confirmed that Johnny Depp will return as Captain Jack Sparrow in the fifth instalment sometime in 2014.



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