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Katy Perry is ironic, provocative, beautiful and talented, and the photos shot by Francesco Carrozzini in Spring 2012 for the Italian issue of ‘Vogue’ magazine take all of this several steps further. These stunning pics show Katy wearing a short platinum blonde wig against a weird, futuristic greenish setting – and, of course, she looks fabulous. Enjoy Katy Perry’s photoshoot for Vogue Italia and the accompanying video below.

(Images and video via Vogue Italia)

Double Shot of Katy Perry

Katy Perry X2

Katy Perry in a Black Dress

Katy Perry Standing

Katy Perry in Black Skirt

Katy Perry Crawling

Katy Perry in a Blonde Wig

Katy Perry Portrait

Katy Perry in a Light Pink Dress

Katy Perry with Sunglasses

Katy Perry in a White Coat

Katy Perry Smoking

Katy Perry in a green room

Katy Perry in a Pink Dress

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