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In May 2010 Katy Perry was photographed by Yu Tsai for the August 2010 issue of the UK edition of Esquire magazine. They say that a picture is worth a thousand words and this has never been more true. Enjoy.

(Images via Esquire)

a dark haired woman with her hands over her breasts

Katy Perry Topless

a dark haired woman in black shorts

Katy Perry in Black Shorts

a dark haired woman topless

Katy Perry Portrait

a dark haired woman standing

Katy Perry Standing

a dark haired woman with her hands on her face

The face of Katy Perry

a dark haired woman with her hand in her hair

Katy Perry Portrait



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  • Johnna

    Illuminati eye-symbolism throughout. She’s a satanist.

    • mothermary

      There is no Satan, only Ego