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Well, we all know that Katy Perry is one of the most talented, most glamorous, most provocative and most beautiful young stars and we could enjoy some of her most beautiful images on Men Daily over the past few days, but today we can see that she is a true beauty even without too much make up and too much photoshop. Enjoy.

(Images via Sandy Huffaker.)

Katy Perry in a violet dress, standing on one leg

Katy Perry Standing

Katy Perry in a green dress

Katy Perry in a Green Dress

profile of Katy Perry

Katy Perry Profile

Katy Perry in a purple dress, portrait

Katy Perry Portrait

Katy Perry in green dress, smiling

Katy Perry Smiling

Katy Perry with plumage in her hair

Katy Perry Portrait

Katy Perry in a purple dress in front of purple curtains

Katty Perry in a Purple Dress

katy perry stands by the green wall

Katy Perry Standing

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