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Rumors announcing the new Google smartphone have been circulating for weeks. Several Russian websites published leaked photos and data about the new device that may be authentic. There have been indications that the new device will be manufactured by LG Electronics and called the LG Optimus Nexus.

LG Optimus Nexus leaked photo

It’s already become a tradition that Google introduces a new smartphone in the fall. Year after year, the company introduces a new smartphone or a new version of the Android operating system during the pre-Christmas season. The company has chosen different hardware manufacturers as partner over the years. In the early 2010, for example, it was the HTC with the Nexus One, by the end of 2010 it was Samsung with Samsung Nexus S and by the end of 2011 the Galaxy Nexus. Although it was expected that Motorola would develop the newest Google smartphone, it was in fact LG, the Samsung rival company.

In contrast to the blurry, dark or otherwise inferior spy photos that were seen previously on the Internet, the photos from Russia are sharp and clear, showing an almost completed smartphone.

The supposed technical specifications of the LG Optimus Nexus include a 4.7 inch display, following the current trend of huge Android phones at a healthy resolution of 1280 x 768 pixels. The resolution of the camera is rated at 8 megapixels. Impressive performance promises a combination of a 1.5 gigahertz Quad-Core processor with two gigabytes of RAM memory.

It’s not too good that the Optimus Nexus (The name sounds a bit as a name of a Roman emperor, doesn’t it?) comes with supposedly only eight gigabytes of storage space. This would certainly make the device very fast, but it also would offer embarrassingly little storage space for data, music, videos and apps. The purchase of a micro-SD memory card seems to be a must.

The new Android 4.2 has already been announced, so the LG Optimus Nexus will surely be the  flagship model for the new operating system. The supposed release date is October 29, the exact same date Microsoft will launch its Windows Phone 8 operating system. However, this has not been officially confirmed – yet.



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