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It’s sweet, it’s cool, it’s refreshing, it has a genuine, sunny taste of the Mediterranean and it is served all over the Southern Italy. from the Gulf of Naples to the beaches of Amalfi, from Sorrento to Capri and, in the recent years, in the US, Canada and other parts of the world.

Danny De Vito Limoncello Ad

Danny De Vito Limoncello Ad

Where limoncello actually came from and who made it first is lost in the mists of past, but we are certain it has been enjoyed in the region of Southern Italy for over a century now. Limoncello is traditionally made from the juicy, trade mark Femminello St. Teresa lemons (also known as Sorrento lemons) and grain alcohol. The Sorrento lemon zest (citrus peel) would be soaked in grain alcohol until the oil would be released. Thus produced liquid would then be mixed with a sweet syrup. Nowadays, limoncello is produced by mixing any type of lemon zest with grain alcohol, vodka, or even rum!


The Amalfi coast is a historical center of fine ceramics production and that may be the reason why limoncello is traditionally served in ceramic glasses. The genuine lemon flavor with bitterness removed also makes limoncello an ideal ingredient of various cocktails. In the recent years, the popularity of limoncello has spread beyond the borders of Italy and it is now enjoyed and increasingly popular all over the world.


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