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If you like to exchange your feelings and interests with the whole world then Logitech Broadcaster Wi-Fi Webcam could be the easiest

way for you to do that. It will be really nice when this webcam will allow you to present yourself just similar to a pro. You’ll find real world effect during video calls with this superb webcam.

Presenting yourself to a worldwide audience on Ustream – a standard and open facility for video streaming on internet – is simple and can be done instantly. For live streaming, Broadcaster is needed to get in contact with Wi-Fi network and after that by clicking just a single button, broadcasting to your global viewers is achieved quite easily. If more control options are required then you can also use Broadcaster app on Mac, iPhone or iPad.


The users of Broadcaster will have complete freedom for recording like a pro. You don’t need to have any cord for recording video as it can be done directly over Wi-Fi on your iPad or iPhone and Mac. There’s also no restriction in recording video, users are allowed to record video as much as they want to. A significant feature of Broadcaster is that it can be paired with Mac’s built-in camera and for achieving this pair, Broadcaster app has to be used. In this way, two different views can be recorded at the same time.


The video quality is HD 720p and fluid crystal technology provides you with smoother video experience without any hassle. It’s just a matter of pressing a single key to switch from built-in camera vision to vision from Broadcaster. The hard plastic case will assist you to carry the Broadcaster wherever you want without any disturbance.