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Mark Zuckerberg (28) is the father of Facebook, arguably the most popular social networking site in the world, whose estimated net worth of $9.4 billion makes him one of the most successful Internet entrepreneurs in the history of the medium and the living example of a successful young man. Yet, there are things about Zuck you probably didn’t know.

Facebook Founder Mark Zuckerberg

Facebook Founder Mark Zuckerberg

Zuck is an Atheist

Mark Zuckerberg was born in a Jewish family and had his bar mitzvah 1997, but he has described himself an atheist in his adult life.

He used to be a Classical Philology Enthusiast

During his high school and college years, Mark Zuckerberg showed a particular interest in the classical studies, including Hebrew, Latin and ancient Greek languages. He is known to have recited passages from the classical works of the antiquity such as The Iliad and  The Odyssey. In addition, he excelled in science and fencing.

Mark Zuckerberg is color blind

Zuck is red-green color blind, meaning the color he sees the best is blue. This may have something to do with the distinctively blue layout of Facebook.

Zuck Drives a Black Acura TSX and Doesn’t Own a TV Set

The car of Mark Zuckerberg is a black Acura TSX. He has been reported as saying that the Acura “is safe, comforatable, not ostentatious.”  He doesn’t own a TV set and doesn’t watch television, which probably has something to do with his success…

Mark Zuckerberg Doesn’t Own a Majority of Facebook

Although Mark Zuckerberg is the founder, chairman and CEO of Facebook, and is the largest individual shareholder of the company, he actually owns  only 28.4 percent of the common stock of Facebook Inc.  However, he does have a majority of the voting power, weighing in at 56.9 percent.

Zuck Became the Youngest Billionaire in the World in 2008

In 2008, at the tender age 23, Mark Zuckerberg became the world’s youngest billionaire, according to  a Forbes estimate. He was ranked 785 on the World’s Billionaires list at the time.

He Turned Down an Offer from Microsoft and AOL in High School

In the early 2000s, Mark Zuckerberg developed a media player software called  Synapse Media Player that used artificial intelligence to recognize a listener’s music taste and recommend songs. Although AOL and Microsoft wanted to buy the software and recruit Zuck in their teams, he chose to upload the software for free.

Zuck Developed One of the First Chat Systems

During his years at Harvard, Mark Zuckerberg developed an online chat software called ZuckNet in order to be able to communicate with his friends and family. ZuckNet is considered to be a precursor to AOL’s Instant Messenger.

Mark Zuckerberg is a ‘Star Wars’ Geek

Yes, Zuck is a huge fan of the legendary George Lucas’ space saga.

He Designed his Wife’s Wedding Ring

Mark Zuckerberg designed his wife Priscilla Chan’s wedding ring himself. It is a simple golden ring with a red ruby flanked on both sides by diamonds, with an estimated worth of $25,000.

Zuck Likes to Think of Himself as a Hacker

Mark Zuckerberg is reported as saying that “it’s OK to break things to make them better” several times.



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