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Maserati is back. The bad boy of Italian cars. And it is not easy to hold that place with all the competition out there. GranCabrio MC is probably the best example of how a sports car with tradition should be made. They were successful in creating a car that is a perfect mix of performance, style and history. Let’s have a look at Maserati GranCabrio MC.

parked gray Maserati convertible

Maserati GranCabrio MC shown in Gray

On the outside

Creating a new car for a famous manufacturer is a difficult job, since you can make a lot of people disappointed. For example, a Maserati needs to have that old charm, but, given the fact that we live in the 21st century, it also needs to be very modern and sporty. And they made it with GranCabrio MC. It would be impossible to discern whether the design is modern, sporty, or retro. It’s all three put together. Now you might expect that this might look like a bit too much, but, in fact, it is perfect. It is based on a standard GranCabrio version, but there are some very significant changes. And they are not all looks. For example, the changes to the front and the rear diffuser made it far more aerodynamic and this car gets glued to the surface at high speeds.

white Maserati convertible view from the front

Aggressive front of Maserati GranCabrio MC

The biggest change in the visual department is in the front. The grille is very large and simple, but well shaped and it adds a lot to the overall appearance of this car. The headlights look the same as in the standard version, but inside they used a more modern technology, and there is an option of active lights that would light up the inside of the bend. The whole line takes us to the back where you can see the diffuser and a subtle, but still lovely spoiler.

back side of a convertible white Maserati

The back of GranCabrio MC shown in white

On the inside

The interior of GranCabrio MC is also amazing. First of all the materials. Leather and carbon fiber give us that mixture of class and performance feeling we talked about. The entire interior is a compromise between a very sporty car and an everyday ride that would put a smile on your face. For example the seats. They are supportive enough to get you through tight corners at great speeds, but also comfortable enough for long journeys. Some extra legroom is provided by flattening the bottom part of the steering wheel, which also looks great. The steering wheel itself looks massive and reassuring, as does the stick of the auto transmission, although you can use the paddles behind the steering wheel as well.

steering wheel and dashboard view of the Maserati

Great driver’s position

The central console is large and practical, but the biggest example of practicality in this car are the back seats. This really is a four-seater. For real, not like majority of other sports cars whose back seats are only big enough for small children or even smaller dogs. This car can take four people on a long journey.

back seat view of the Maserati convertible

Back seats of Maserati GranCabrio MC

Under the hood

4.7 l V8 should be enough to put a smile on your face. It produces 460 hp and 384 lb-ft of torque. The transmission is automatic, but with a manual option as well (in manual sport mode the automatic feature is completely off and the driver is in charge) and, of course, it is a rear wheel drive. The top speed is 180 mph and the acceleration to 60 mph takes only 4.9 seconds. This car is made for everyone. It is a comfortable everyday ride, but also a fierce performance vehicle, its amazing auto transmission does the job great, but real drivers will prefer the manual mode that lets them use this beast to its fullest potential.


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