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IN: Fashion
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Many people are fans of tennis. Tennis is a sport based on strength and technique. Is the third popular sport in the world with 2 billion viewers and more. Favorite tennis tournament is famous as Wimbledon or  Australian Open. Tennis is a sport with a lot of determination and inside and outside the stadium to allow the athlete to get the kudos it deserves. Tennis is one sport vigorously in and out of the field to be able to achieve the slave hard to do. Players need concentration and willpower in order to achieve the goal. At this point we will refer to 10 Highest-paid tennis players so far and get to see some of them off the field dressed in suits.

1. Roger Federer ($50 million)
2. Maria Sherapova ($25 million)
3. Rafael Nadal ($20 million)
4. Andy Roddick ($16 million)
5. Serena Williams ($18 million)
6. Venus Williams ($15.9 million)
7. Andy Murray ($12 million)
8. Novak Djokovic ($10.9 million)
9. Ana Ivanovic ($8.2 million)
10. James Blake ($7 million)

Ryan Lochte in dark grey suit

Roger Federer in black suit

Rafael Nadal in black suit

Rafael Nadal in grey jacket and black pants

Novak Djokovic in a brown suit



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