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Microsoft Surface, the first tablet to be fully developed and produced by Microsoft, is due to be released on October 26 2012, coinciding with the release of Windows 8, more than four months after it had been announced by the Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer in Los Angeles back in June this year. Over the past four months, Microsoft Surface has become the most anticipated gadget after – or, perhaps, even surpassing – Apple iPhone 5 released last week. So, what is so special about Microsoft Surface?

Microsoft Surface

Microsoft has carefully planed its entry into the deep, shark-invested waters of tablet computers market. With Apple and Samsung dominating the market, Microsoft had to come up with a truly special product, and, by all odds, Microsoft Surface seems to fit the description.

Microsoft Surface tablets will come in two versions  – the standard version, simply called Microsoft Surface, will run Windows RT, a special version of the operating system built to run on ARM CPUs, with 10.6-inch, 16:9 widescreen standard HD display. Microsoft Surface Pro, set for release sometime in January 2013 will run Windows 8 on an Intel Core i5 CPU and it will feature Full HD Display. While screen resolution of both Microsoft Surface versions is yet to be announced, both devices will have the same size, 10.6-inch displays at 16:6 aspect ratio and both will have Microsoft’s ClearType subpixel rendering technology for better reading experience.

Both Surface tablets will feature special, VaporMg housings with high quality, durable PVD finish, two cameras for video chats and recording, USB (USB 2.0 for Surface and USB 3.0 for Suface Pro) port, micro-SD card slot, MIMO Wi-Fi connectors and micro HDMI or Mini Display connectors, depending on the model versions. Storage capacity will be 32 GB or 64 GB for Surface and 64 GB and 128 GB for Surface Pro. Weight of both models is truly low – Surface will weight 676 g, while Surface Pro will be somewhat heavier with 903 g.

Two special, convenient keyboard covers for Microsoft Surface and Microsoft Surface Pro will be available: Touch Cover and Type Cover. Both  covers will be used for multiple purposes – when not used as keyboards, the covers will protect the device. Touch Cover is only 3 mm thick and it a touch-sensitive keyboard, while Type Cover is somewhat bulkier as it is also a standard, tactile keyboard. Both keyboard covers feature a multitouch touchpad, a gyroscope and sophisticated accelerometer sensors.

Microsoft Surface will be available online and at the selected physical stores and Microsoft pop-up stores in the U.S. on October 26, with Surface Pro following three months later. The price has not been conformed yet, but in  the recent interview Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer gave to The Seattle Times, he gave a vague statement saying Microsoft Surface will cost “between $ 300 and $ 800″.

From what we have seen so far, with the creativity, quality, ease of use, beauty of design and carefully built features, Microsoft Surface appears to be a next step in the tablet computers industry. Check the official Microsoft promo video below for more info:



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