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It seems that Mila Kunis’ smoky eyes and dusty beauty never got more realistic than when shot by the photographic wizard Terry Richardson. This 2011 photoshoot for GQ proves this as well as the 2012 photoshoot for Harper’s Bazaar.

(Images via GQ)

A portrait of a brunette woman

Mila Kunis – Portrait

A brunette woman in a pink bra

Mila Kunis wearing a pink bra

A brunette woman lying on the floor

Mila Kunis Lying

A brunette woman holding a cup of coffee

Mila Kunis Standing

A brunette woman unzipping her grey dress

Mila Kunis in a  Grey Dress

A brunette woman standing by the swimming pool

Mila Kunis Standing by the Swimming Pool

A brunette woman riding a yellow plastic duck in a pool

Mila Kunis in a Swimming Pool

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