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The interior designers and architects from the Indian Mancini Design studio decided to go back to the modernist basics when developing the interior design of the ‘Mocha – Mojo’ coffeehouse in Madras. The ‘beauty through purity’ rule was closely followed and the result is stunning.

Mocha-Mojo  Coffeehouse Interior

The design of the coffee shop for 110 persons is reduced to bare functionality, light on pure surfaces and/or pure colors, with a nod to the furniture and wallpaper designs of the 1960s and the 1970s. These chairs and tables might have easily been taken from an early James Bond movie set.

Clear surfaces and colors of Mocha-Mojo

The quality of design is bright and vibrant

Lights and shades provide warmth and coziness to flat surfaces

Wide view of the Mocha-Mojo interior