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We have already told you about some cities in the world in which little things like coffee can cost up to about $15. There you should really pay attention to what you’re ordering as well as how much money you have on you when you pop out for a drink. The first three we talked about were Sydney (but Brisbane is pretty close as well), Australia, Moscow, Russia and Venice, Italy. Now, we move on. These are some more account raiders to watch out for.

Geneva and Zurich, SWITZERLAND

This beautiful European country is the place where you can find some of the best scenery and nature. It is also famous for many ski resorts and its lovely mountain lakes. So, when it comes to tourism, Switzerland is always active. But, this country also has great standard of living, so things might get a bit too expensive in the bigger cities. They don’t really need to drop the prices for tourists, since the Swiss have some of the highest wages in the world. The average accommodation price can go up to over $200 a night, while small things like beer, coffee and petrol can be a lot more expensive than you are used to. For example, a beer in a bar is about $5.50.

Aerial view of Zurich during the day

Zurich, Switzerland

London, England

Ok, London is known to be a very expensive city, and it is often in the top most expensive ones to live in. So, if it is expensive for the people who live there, you can imagine how friendly it is to tourist’s wallets. The pound is also a strong currency, so the rates may not be perfect either. Still, there are good sides. First of all, there is soooooooooo much to see in London. This is not a city review, so we’ll skip that, but we’ll just tell you that some of the most famous sights and museums in the world are in the capital of England. Another good thing, and this one money-wise, is that London is very tourism oriented. So, if you look around, you will be able to find some cheaper accommodation. The average accommodation price for a night is about $170. The food is notoriously English, so you might be tempted to visit the better restaurants, and this is pricey in any city. Also, if you are a smoker, be warned that London is one of the most expensive cities in the world in this respect with prices close to $10 a pack, so bring some smokes with you. All this being said, we need to emphasize that London is still more than worth visiting. It’s an amazing place.

London carousel in the evening

London Eye


A visit to Singapore is a great idea. There is so much to see in this booming city-state, but there is another reason why it is popular with young people. The electronics are a bargain there. Singapore is tech-lover’s Disneyland. But, if you plan to spend a night there, this is a different story. Average hotel prices can go up to $190 and the strong currency means that a simple sun cream is about $15 and a beer is about $6. Also, cigarette prices are in the range of the ones in London.

Panorama view of downtown Singapore

Singapore panorama



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