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This inspiring, curvilinear house is located on a lake shoreline in Chenequa, Wisconsin. Designed and built by architect Robert Harvey Oshatz from 2009 to 2011, the Chenequa Residence is completely constructed from natural materials.

The Chenequa Residence interior features wide windows with magnificent views of the lake and a striking spiraling hem-lock roof that sweeps over the entrance and lifts the upper floor before disappearing from plain view.

Robert Harvey Oshatz founded his own company back in 1971 and is famous for his exceptional and organic style. Most of his buildings and houses are original and memorable and his design approach is quite unique.

In Oshatz’s own words: “Architecture is a synthesis of logic and emotion, exploring and fulfilling the dreams, fantasies and realities of my clients, whether they are individuals, corporate, or community identities.”

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