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Just as the title says. The Detroit Motor Show is the place where many new models get the right attention. I say “right” because there are so many manufacturers and models here that you can objectively see how well accepted certain models are. You just have to choose what to see, because 14 days that the show lasts are hardly enough. Judging by these standards and the attention generated, Audi has done a great job with their two models called the SQ5 and RS7. Here we shall give you a quick review and much to feast your eyes on and keep the proper reviews for the near future.

Audi RS7

Every RS model that comes from Audi is a special kind of a car. The RS7 will hit the dealers this year and you will be able to see how 4.0 l V8 works. It will be a 4WD and the transmission will be an 8 speed automatic. The stated performance is also amazing. The engine produces 560 hp that enable this beast to reach 60 mph in UNDER 4 seconds. The top speed is limited to 155 mph.

White Audi RS7 at the Detroit Auto Show

Audi RS7

Interior view of the Audi RS7

Audi RS7 interior

Even though the performance is obviously outstanding, the fuel consumption is said to be just 25 mpg, which is amazing for a car with such power. How is this possible? Well, first of all, this is equipped with the “stop-start” system and it has a lightweight body. But the main point is that it also has the system that shuts down some cylinders if you drive slowly in order to reduce the fuel consumption. This idea has already been incorporated in some other high performance cars that we have reviewed here, so we hope that this system is set to become a standard for the industry.

Audi SQ5

Another Audi that was presented at the Detroit Motor Show and that we will be able to enjoy later this year is the SQ5. The Q5 is already good enough to make other manufacturers of small luxury SUVs work harder, but the new 2014 version called the SQ5 goes even further. The engine is based on the well known unit from the S4 and S5. It is a 3.0 V6 that, compared to the previous Q5, has serious increase in torque and power which now comes to 354 hp. This is said to make the SQ5 race to 60 mph in about 5 seconds and the top speed is limited to 155 mph.

Blue Audi SQ5 at the Detroit Motor Show

Audi SQ5, front-side view

Interior view of the Audi SQ5

Audi SQ5 interior

The exterior of the SQ5 is not as flashy as that of the RS7, but it looks great nevertheless. We shall have to wait and see if this is enough to win the race against other models in this ever-expanding segment of the market.


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