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First of all, there is no such a thing. But there might come a time when you can’t drink. Maybe you need to drive, or you drank waaay too much the previous night. Maybe you are meeting your future in-laws for the first time, and you are an embarrassing drunk.

Or you are drinking some medicine (although that mix could turn out to be fun-if not for you, then for the friends you are going out with). Whatever the reason we feel sorry for you and obliged to help you.

So, let’s set some rules. Even though you might feel tempted there must be a good reason you don’t drink, so we can suggest none of those cocktails where you can’t taste the alcohol, or you feel it just a bit. If you can drink, drink like a man. Otherwise, read further. Also, you need to look cool, so your drink needs to look cool. Plus, if you aren’t making it yourself but ordering, the name needs to sound at least OK. So none of that Almond Vanilla Tea Shakes or Banana Berry Smoothies.

These are your options:

1)    Virgin Mary, based on Bloody Mary

All cocktails with the word ‘’Virgin’’ put before a known name of an alcoholic cocktail are non alcoholic versions of it. They should have similar taste and look, and sound OK to order. So, take your favourite one, and make it virgin.

2)     Bloody Driver

Sounds ok? You need 20cl of tomato juice to make it bloody, lime and orange juice, 2cl each and about 5cl of carbonated water. Just mix the juices up with some ice, and add water in the end.

3)     Roy Rogers

8 ounces of Cola, a bit of Grenadine, loads of ice and some cherries for decoration. Mix well for Cola and Grenadine to blend.

4)     Agua de Jamaica

Sounds exotic. Loads of water, a piece of grated ginger, dried hibiscus (Jamaica flower), sugar and lime juice. Boil water and ginger together, then move from fire and put in hibiscus and sugar and mix until it dissolves. Then leave for a quarter of hour. Strain it, put in lime juice, cool and have fun. It’s great with vodka as well, but we said no.

5)     Lemon Verbena

It is very refreshing. Boil some mineral water, remove from heat, put in verbena, mint and some honey. Cool it and have with ice. For about half a liter of cocktail you need half a liter of water, one verbena stem, 3 mint leaves, and a spoon of honey.

6)     Designated Driver

Ok, you can fool your ignorant friends, but the bartender knows what you are drinking. If you order a drink of this name with a sad look on your face, you are off the hook. Basically, it’s a mix of cranberry, pineapple, orange and grapefruit juices served with a lot of ice.

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