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The importance of a packaging design cannot be emphasized enough – it is the design that identifies the image of a product and makes it stand from the rest products on the shelf. It is an innovative package we see before we recognize an innovative product. Basic package design features, such as striking images, original, unusual shapes and attractive colors are carefully selected to draw the customer’s attention to the product.

We bring you some of the most interesting package designs for all kinds of products and from all over the world. Some of these products were released only in a limited run and are no longer available, but the cleverness and originality of their design remain.

Evian 2005 Limited Edition Bottle

Evian 2005 Limited Edition Bottle

Experimental Milk Carton

Experimental Milk Carton

Tequila Gun

Tequila Gun

Salt and Pepper Cells

Lightbulb Box


Paper Bottle


Wine in a Can


Prism Eyewear


Egg Package


Evian Ecolean

Paul Smith x Evian


Coca Cola 2009 Ornament Bottles



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