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If you are anything like us, the idea of owning your own robot sounds awesome! Sure, there are robots that control a lot of things, for example robots build many of the cars we drive, computers we use, and countless other products. However, what we are referring to is known as personal robotics: a completely programmable, interactive robot that the average consumer can afford. How many of us can say that we own one of those? Keller Rinaudo and his team at Romotive are about to take your opinion of robots and turn it upside down. Read on and tell us what you think.


All too often we underestimate the rate at which some technologies are move. Romotive is a prime example of how prone we are to doing just that. Headed up by CEO Keller Rinaudo, Romotive’s goals include decreasing the cost of robotics and making them more personal, leading to the moniker “personal robotics,” which Rinaudo explains is the process of “building a robot anyone can use, whether you are 8 or 80.” Enter Romo, the wifi-capable, computer-vision enabled robot from the innovative Romotive team. Romo’s brain is a device that many of us already have: an iPhone or iPod. Rinauldo also claims that the $150 price tag is around 1% of what comparable robots have cost in the past.

What it Does

Not only does Romo interact and explore his environment, he can be controlled via other devices, such as an iPad or another iPhone. The cool thing about this, however, is that you do not have to be within any certain distance to control the robot; that is, if you have access (a link via email or the free app), you can control Romo from anywhere in the world. This has profound implications for the development of personal use robotics.


The fact is, Romotive has done an excellent job of taking a creative idea, something that is commonly utilized in industry, and making it not only affordable and practical, but user-friendly and unique. Romotive is also working on an SDK (software development kit) so that developers can begin writing programs for Romotive robots. What this means for you? It may not be long at at all before you can come home from a long day at work, relax in you favorite chair, and, when you realize you forgot to get a beer out of the fridge, no worries! Just ask your robot to do it. While we are not quite there yet, we have to commend Romotive on their groundbreaking and innovative work to bring robotics within the grasp of average consumers. Keep up the good work!