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IN: Food
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The German-owned Austrian supermarket chain ‘Billa’ has recently made an odd decision to sell pre-peeled bananas wrapped in plastic. What ensued was a genuine public uproar that forced the executives of ‘Billa’ to apologize and pull the repackaged bananas from their shelves. The online uproar was perhaps even bigger as they have also deleted their Facebook page.

Pre-Peeled Bananas in Billa

Large corporations are usually not very environmentally friendly, but Billa’s move was really strange. Repackaging bananas from their natural casings into expensive, unnecessary and definitely environmentally unfriendly packages is really hard to understand.

 ”If there is an easy to open ready packed food it’s the banana–peeling it only to pack it in environmentally unfriendly plastic is just madness.” said Greenpeace Austria spokesperson.

Billa’s customers were both confused and enraged. One of the most usual comments on the pre-peeled bananas issue was that selling bananas like this is the definite symbol of waste and the throw-away society.

Billa officially apologized to the public, promising this kind of mistake will not happen again.

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