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(Post via TheSun)

Ivica Dacic Skrivena Kamera

Premier of Serbia during an “interview”, really a Candid Camera moment

THIS sexy lass says pants to diplomacy – as she flashes her naked undercarriage to the Serbian Prime Minister.
Politician Ivica Dacic was caught unawares by the cheeky prank during an interview for Croatian television.
He thought he was in the studio to answer questions on Balkan politics – but instead was treated to a full-frontal from the show’s sexy presenter.

The clip begins with the stunning but improbably dressed host – a model acting as a journalist – welcoming Dacic to the studio.
Wearing a tiny, low-cut dress and heavy make-up, she kisses him on both cheeks and settles him in his chair as he is miked up.
With her legs crossed, she proceeds to ask hapless Dacic a series of political questions.

Premier of Serbia being interviewed on candid camera show

Dacic and Sexy Host on Serbian Candid Camera Show

But as he gives a sombre reply to one of her comments, the shapely brunette slowly re-crosses her legs – and reveals her own controversial policy.
The move is clearly stolen from the racy flick Basic Instinct – although this lass is no Sharon Stone.
As the word “Censored” covers her modesty – just about – a nervous cameraman pans to Dacic for his reaction.

Censored Money shot..

But the Serb shows he’s in the Premier league when it comes to taking a joke – he is shown going goggle-eyed with shock before smirking and enjoying a chuckle at the prank.
The scene – part of a candid camera show called Nemoguca Misija (meaning “Mission Impossible”) – has now had nearly 1million views on YouTube.
We look forward to pulling the same trick on David Cameron next time he’s in the Sun studio. Er, on second thoughts…

(GIF Via

Ivica Dacic face expression during interview

GIF of Ivica Dacic’s Reaction during the money shot. Priceless

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