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The iconic French sports car Alpine is about to have its comeback sometime in 2016, more than 20 years since the brand was cancelled in 1995. The new Alpine is a joint project of two companies, the British Caterham and the French Renault. The Alpine brand and company were the sole property of Renault since the early 1970s, but the ownership is this time split in two between Caterham and Renault. The new Alpine will be manufactured in France, at Renaultsport Technologies assembly plant in Dieppe.

Renault Alpine A110-50 Concept

Alpine was founded by Jean Rédélé, a French automotive pioneer and pilot in 1955. The company’s lightweight, fast and affordable sports and racing cars soon gained success in Europe and branded its name on numerous European railies.

The company was taken over by Renault in 1973 and the Renault Alpine models were produced up to 1995, when the last concept car called Berlinette 2 turned out to be too expensive to continue the production, which also coincided with Renault turning focus on the Formula One market.

After many rumours about Renault delivering an affordable racing car,  it has been confirmed that the new  Alpine model will be available in 2016. Caterham and Renault are expanding their Formula One collaboration with this new project, that will surely benefit from the Caterham’s skilled engineers who are renowned for developing lightweight and powerful cars.

The new Alpine will not be heavier than 1.2 tons, it will use a 200 or a 250 horsepower engine and the price should not be higher than 40.000 euros. No further details are available at the moment, but we are sure the new Alpine will have all the charm of its predecessors combined with the cutting-edge technology.

Until the new Alpine arrives, we may take a look at the Renault Alpine A110-50 Concept test drive to see what it might be like:



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