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Yeah, sometimes common sense just isn’t enough. People who make it their daily routine complaining about ridiculous speed limits, or high sentences for owning pot would stand at awe before these wonders of legislature. The only thing funnier than these laws might be coming up with the reasons for their existence.


Imagine standing in the streets of Singapore admiring the beauties of the city with your mouth wide open, and then a policeman gazing at your mouth and giving you a fine because your bubble gum is not a nicotine one. Yeah, that is possible. Chewing gum in Singapore has been banned since 1992. And even if it is nicotine gum, you can still get fined if you don’t have a prescription. For real.

Oriental women holding packs of chewing gum

This is what a Drug dealer looks like in Singapore


Safari is a great experience and, among other things, you could see naked natives there-if you have any desire for this. But, if their freedom inspires you to join them-don’t. Unless you are a native going for a nude safari is against the law. If you can see no other reasons for not waving your tools in front of a lion, let the law be one. We kind of doubt that jails in Kenya are nice places.

topless women on a safari with binoculars

She is so busted


The Russians are well known for being great drinkers and their vodka is becoming more and more popular in the world, so it is not surprising that many of their laws are addressing alcohol. This particular one forbids drunken people from walking dogs heavier than 15 kg/33lbs. So, if you go out drinking in Russia, just to be on the safe side, buy a Pekingese.

Small white Pekingese dog

If you own this, you can get wasted. Hell, it should be mandatory.


A town in Arctic has a big problem with overpopulated cemetery, so to speak. So they came up with a revolutionary idea-no more dying. Damn, how come no one remembered it before? But they are serious about this. When someone is so rude to actually expect to die soon, he gets transferred to the main land so as to die there. Now this must be a fun job.

frozen lake in the Arctic

Can you imagine digging graves here? Now, that’s a tough job.


This beautiful European country is known for its fresh air, no-wars policy, skiing resorts, stunning mountains, Roger Federer, great economy and it is generally a great place to live. But staying up late in Switzerland might turn out to be a very unpleasant experience since going to the toilet is not allowed after 10 PM. Actually, going to the toilet is allowed, but flushing it isn’t. So you can either not go, or go and leave the “fruits” of your work wait until the next morning. It is still not clear exactly how the police check this.

Mountain view from a valley in Switzerland

Not everything is this clean in Switzerland

Czech Republic

Taxi drivers are known to try and cheat foreigners, but in this beautiful country in Europe a part of it is legal. If your route takes you through a site of a past nuclear disaster, the driver will charge you according to a special rate just for those places. Guess health does have a price.

Radioactive warning sign

“We are entering the expensive zone”


Yes, the USA is here as well. In Cleveland getting wasted seems legit, since if you buy a bottle of whiskey, you are not allowed to share it with anyone. Only one person is allowed to drink from a single bottle. Still, this is not the only ridiculous law in the US and our next week’s article will tell you more about this. So stay tuned and law-abiding.


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