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In our previous post about funny and crazy laws we discussed some hilarious products of legislature from around the world and ended with a funny one from Cleveland thus introducing you this article. Now we shall see what funny ways to get arrested still exist in the US. We ordered them alphabetically according to the name of the state they are enforced in. Have fun and be warned.



In Alabama it’s illegal to wear a fake mustache in church because they might make people laugh. Apparently, having hilarious but real mustache is legal no matter if you make people laugh. And do they actually pull everyone’s moustache at the entrance to check?

white older man with several curled moustaches

These curled moustaches are real, so it’s OK


In Arizona cutting down a cactus is against the law and that is understandable. But the punishment isn’t, since you can get up to 25 years in prison for this. You might actually have better chance for killing a person.


In California you are not allowed to eat an orange in your bathtub. How they came up with this is beyond comprehension, but if you don’t have a stalker you should be free to break this law since it is not clear how anyone will know. Just imagine the crime scene with CSI examining the orange peel on the floor.


Connecticut has a strange law as well. There, a pickle cannot be called that unless it bounces. It is still unclear what they should be called if they fail to bounce. Maybe underachievers?
Forget the taste, check if they bounce
It is safe to assume that in the state of Florida an elephant is a legitimate means of transport since if you tie an elephant to a parking meter, you must pay a parking fee. So be careful where you leave your elephant when you visit Florida next time. Damn, you can’t just park anywhere.

Mature elephant walking in the wild

Forget hybrids, elephants are the best vehicles for reducing your CO2 emissions, even though design is a bit dated


In Georgia if you want to change clothes on a storefront mannequin, you must draw the shades beforehand. So what if they are plastic, they feel shame as well.
Surprisingly enough, Hawaii turned out to be the state most affected by consumerism, since it is illegal NOT to have a boat there.


In Illinois you can’t take a French poodle to the opera. But your Dogo Argentino can law-abidingly enjoy high pitched vocals.

Dog in a swimming pool

“Opera? I love opera.”

Now this work of legislative art from Indiana is not a law. It used to be a bill, but it is so amazingly ridiculous that it had to be on the list. The bill states that the mathematical constant pi in the state of Indiana is not 3.14159265…, but 4. Or 3.2, that was another option. Damn it, it’s easier that way.

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