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I have never heard anyone who has tried skiing say they don’t like it. This is one of the activities that grabs you completely and before you know it you are a ski junkie. But, that doesn’t necessarily mean that every skier is good at it. No, some people are too afraid to do any high-speed runs even years after they started skiing, or they simply enjoy more relaxed forms of skiing. This is the list for all of you skiing-lovers out there, professionals and amateurs, beginners and experts. But slopes are not the only thing regarded while comprising this list. Snowfall regularity is also very important, as well as the levels of crowdedness and the options surrounding skiing.

1. Chamonix, France

aerial view of Chamonix France

Aerial view of Chamonix, France

A truly great place. It has been here for years and it has become well established, but in a respect it is also very modern and technology aware with its own TV channel and even an iPhone application about it. The place is very sophisticated and in that respect it might seem kind of exclusive and closed, but it actually really isn’t. In fact, on some slopes day passes cost only two Euros, which is expected to attract more people to skiing. This place is all about skiing, and that is why it is no 1 o this list.

Cottage with mountain view

Chamonix, France. A skier’ heaven

2. Aspen, Colorado

Aspen, Colorado in Winter. View of the mountains from the slope

Aspen, Colorado. One of the top choices for skiers in North America

The most famous one in the USA. Set in the beautiful Rocky Mountains, this place has numerous places to get equipment and several luxurious hotels with great bars and restaurants. One of the best features, other than hotels and slopes, is a ‘pay as you ski’ Escape Pass which can save you a lot of money.

Snowboarder on the slopes in Aspen, Colorado

Aspen, Colorodo

3. Zermatt, Switzerland

Zermatt, Switzerland aerial view

Ski village in Zermatt, Switzerland

The country of cheese, watches and Federer is also the home of many beautiful resorts, Zermatt being just one of them. Its main feature are beautiful chalets, but most of the slopes are not really for everyone, since they are very fast. Zermatt also has no cars and this makes it a perfect place for a relaxing holiday in a fairy-tale like scenery. A must-see.

view of the mountain from Zermatt

Stunning views of the mountain scape during the day as well as night

4. Whistler, British Columbia

Mountain scape Whistler, British Columbia

Great skiing, fresh powder. Best skiing in Canada, in Whistler British Columbia

The best known ski resort in Canada was actually home to some events of the 2010 Winter Olympics, so it must be world-class. There you can usually find younger and sport oriented people, and apart from skiing, snowboarding is also very present here. Every year over 2 million people visit Whistler, so it must be good.

skier carving in deep snow

Whistler BC. Deep snow skiing/snowboarding heaven.

5. Lake Tahoe

two skiers on a peak overlooking the scenery

Another skier/snowboarder destination. Lake Tahoe. On the boarder of Nevada and California.

The place for everyone since there are challenging courses for experts, as well as great places for beginners. But the most famous feature here is in its name. Wonderful slopes overlook this beautiful lake in Nevada giving skiers the scenery not many other people can witness.

Skier and the scenery of lake tahoe in the background

View of Lake Tahoe in the background

It was very difficult to choose the top five and many others, such as St Anton in Austria, Stowe in Vermont and even not so well known Faraya-Mzaar in Lebanon, were left behind without some big reason, so we feel that mentioning them as well would honor their purpose and quality.


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