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While debauchery and excessive behavior may appear to be something of a hobby for celebrities, there were and there are celebrities who completely abstain from drinking alcohol.  Some of these famous nondrinkers previously used to be heavy drinkers who ended up in rehab and quit afterwards, while some have been sober for their entire lives.

Prince is a well-known teetotaler

Of course, this doesn’t necessarily mean they don’t have other vices, but alcohol is definitely not their drug. In case of some people – namely Adolf Hitler – it might have been better for the world if they succumbed to the hazy pleasures of alcohol abuse.

Some musicians simply don’t fit the traditional description of a teenage star – the late Frank Zappa, AC/DC’s Angus Young, Tom Waits, Ringo Starr, David Bowie, Eric Clapton, U2’s Adam Clayton, Alice Cooper, Elton John, Moby, Prince, Akon, all of them said ‘NO’ to alcohol at a certain point in their lives.

Teetotalers can also be found among the actors: John Travolta, Denzel Washington, Bruce Willis, Gerard Butler, Jim Carrey, Kim Catthral, Natalie Portman, Tom Cruise, Ewan McGregor (of course, who could imagine a drunk Obi-Wan Kenobi?) Anthony Hopkins, Eddie Murphy, Gary Oldman are also non-drinkers.

George W. Bush and Vladimir Putin

We all know that George W. Bush, the former President of the United States and Vladimir Putin, President of Russia were (and probably still are) good friends, but it remains a mystery what the two presidents drank during the many meetings they had, as both Bush and Putin are teetotalers. Was it an American iced tea or a black Russian tea brewed in a samovar, or, perhaps, coffee?

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