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You might not believe, but this hot Californian actress has turned 31 this year. You’d probably more easily agree to the fact that she still looks as though she’s in her early twenties. Beautiful and attractive, athletic and elegant, this Hollywood babe has starred in over 40 movies and TV series, some of which include: Chicago Hope; Beverly Hills 90210; Dark Angel; Sin City; Fantastic Four; Good Luck Chuck; The Killer Inside Me;  Machete; Spy Kids: All the Time in the World in 4D etc. Some actors can’t be proud of that even on the sunset of their career. Her preferred genre is action movies as most of her filmography are exactly this kind of movies, hard and heavy. And she’s good at it too! Even if you might get surprised, she’s the person that is very strict about the things she allows herself to do on a movie screen. That’s why you can be completely certain that you won’t see HER in any nude scenes, however well paid. On the other hand, if a director needs her to go for a scuba dive, the challenge is on as she’s a licensed scuba diver.

No matter what sort of pose, clothes or theme you make her do or wear, she’ll always turn to be at the top of her game.
















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