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Is there such a thing? Vegetarians would frown upon such a question, but in order to have your opinion acknowledged you need to see both sides, and people who don’t eat meat can’t really talk about its taste, right? When you tell them this they often tell you that they “have, of course tried meat, and they don’t like it”. Remember the first time you tried whiskey? I bet you still preferred orange juice at that moment, right? Strong tastes need a bit of time to sink in, but when they do, you’re hooked. On the other hand, I have always been open to experimenting when it comes to food. And I know, despite my highly carnivore attitude to food, that there is such a thing as tasty meatless food. And you should give it a go. I don’t think forgetting meat altogether, but a bit of change would certainly be healthy. So here are some mind changing recipes. Remember, it’s not vegetarian, it’s meat free.


Sweet Potato- Ginger – Coconut Milk Soup

Ok, first the soup. Just boil some water, add peeled, diced sweet potato and fresh ginger, put some salt inside. You can add some sugar if you want. It’s a big taste changer, so you’ll either love it or hate it. Worth a try, anyway. Take another portion of potatoes and process in a blender. After the previous mixture has been heated for about half an hour, add the potato puree, and cook for a while to blend completely. For this you will need 3 cups of water, 3 cups of peeled sweet potato, a quarter cup of peeled fresh ginger and some salt and that sugar. Sweet potato is a great source of beta-carotene, vitamin A and carbohydrates and the ginger gives it great flavor.

Meatless Soup

Sweet potato ginger coconut milk soup

Zucchini Rounds

Now, this one is good. Slice a zucchini into small rounds, and put some salt and pepper. If you have a favorite spice you can use it as well. Put a sun dried tomato on the slices of zucchini, and put some goat cheese over it. Put something over the cheese to make it look better, for example, some olive oil, or some taste-altering spice.

Zuchini with sun dried tomatoes

Now doesn’t that look tasty?

Creamy Polenta

In the next one there is no meat, but you will not miss it. It is called Creamy Polenta with Artichoke, Caramelized Onion, and Olive Ragout. First you make the polenta with butter salt, cornmeal, corn, cheese, sour cream and maybe, some basil. For the ragout you will need sun-dried tomatoes boiled and then drained. Then heat some oil, add onion, pepper and garlic, paprika, tomatoes, a bit of wine and artichokes. After all this is cooked and stirred put in sliced olives and pour over polenta. Extremely tasty and still healthy. If you would like to try something, but still don’t know what, this is where to start.

Creamy Polenta Dish

Creamy Polenta Dish


Three-Cheese-and-Sage Ravioli

You might think that this is a mistake. What the hell is this doing here? But all the ingredients we shall mention make it healthy and delicious. You need olive oil, minced shallot, Swiss chard, pepper, ricotta cheese, goat cheese, Parmesan, fresh sage, wonton wrappers and pesto. Just use these to make ravioli and they will be healthy and tasty. Yes, tasty, they are called ravioli for a reason.

Three Cheese and Sage Ravioli, how can you go wrong?



Yeah, you see, my attention is kind of fading away. Well, not really. These burgers are made of smoked cheddar cheese and lentil. If you want to say something bad about this, and you haven’t tried smoked cheddar cheese, save it. We’ll talk after you try it. You should also put in bay leaves, olive oil, onion and carrots, dry breadcrumbs, thyme, a bit of garlic and pepper, paprika, egg whites, mustard, sliced tomato and whole wheat buns. If you don’t have some of these, it should still be ok, but the mixture of all these smells and tastes make for a really magnificent meatless burger.
Now, that you get the idea what might come into these you can get creative. For example, ravioli can be made with pumpkins as well, burgers with soya seasoned with numerous ingredients and cheese can really help. Just don’t overdo it with the cheese.

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