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Arriving two years after her commercially successful 2010 album ‘Speak Now’, there is a feeling that  Taylor Swift’s fourth studio album ‘Red’ was most probably made for one purpose only – to establish the young singer and songwriter as the major superstar of her generation, the one whose work and persona transcends genres and styles, whose mere name represents the unique genre and even more unique style, a genuine brand, much like Elvis Presley, Bob Dylan or the Beatles used to be in their time. You don’t need to listen to Taylor Swift’s ‘Red’ more than once to see that it easily succeeds in doing this.

Taylor Swift – Red Album Cover


A careful listener could feel that Taylor Swift is the next big thing on the American scene since her first eponymous debut album, the country flavored ‘Taylor Swift’ from 2006. Recorded at Swift’s tender age of 17, the album showed glimpses of her unique songwriting genius,nevertheless. Crafted with a little help from mostly young crew consisting of  producers Nathan Chapman and Robert Ellis Orrall and the songwriter Liz Rose, the ‘Taylor Swift’ album was a fresh wind threatening to sweep the country music scene like a hurricane.

Her following works, the 2008 ‘Fearless’ and the 2010 ‘Speak Now’ written and recorded by usually the same group of collaborators as the first one, each represented a step taken forward in terms of creativity, originality and both critical and commercial success. Taylor Swift’s mostly narrative songs feature stunningly authentic records of virtually every young adult’s or a teenager’s experiences in this day and age. What makes Taylor Swift perhaps the only true superstar of her generation is her ability to understand and express what every young person in the U.S. has to say. She has become the voice of her generation.


The simple title of Taylor Swift’s latest release actually best describes what the songs are all about. This is an album about love and hate, passion, disappointments and new beginnings. It is really RED in the very basic meaning of the word. Nothing is mellow, grey or calm here –  every emotion is clear cut, visible and in plain sight.

This shows that Taylor has matured as a songwriter and gained more confidence in expression and both critics and audience understood this – since its release on October 22, the album has topped virtually every chart in the world, including the iTunes and the Billboard 200 charts.

The album’s leading single ‘We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together’ is a tremendous success all over the world, proving once again that Taylor Swift is THE superstar of the 2010s and, perhaps, even the decades to come.



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