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by David Sautter

Being 100% original in the fitness world is impossible. Since the golden age of bodybuilding, it’s all been done before in some way, shape or form. Instead of pushing aside tradition, many systems are taking several methods of exercise theory and combining them. The 600 Rep System is a hybrid that is extremely effective in helping you gain strength, increase lean muscle mass, and improve endurance. Let’s take a look at what methods go into this amazing exercise foundation.


– German Volume Training
Otherwise known as the 10×10 System, German Volume Training is straightforward and nothing short of intense. One exercise per body part. 10 sets of 10 reps with the same weight throughout.

– Pyramid Training
Just like the name suggests, numbers of sets, reps, or weight will increase or decrease throughout the workout. Typically, the higher the rep, the lower the weight.

– Failure Sets
A method of training that everyone loves to hate. Lifting until failure doesn’t mean going until you feel a slight burn. It means you lift until you physically cannot do one more. This method is very effective for building mass.

– High Intensity Intervals
This is not your standard cardiovascular workout. If you want double the results in half the time, high intensity intervals are the way to go. Exercises such as jump squats, sprints, and box jumps are all examples. Sorry, walking at a steady pace for 45 minutes on a treadmill isn’t exactly high intensity.

Article 7- 600 Rep System- Image 2

Throw all of these lifting methodologies together and behold: The 600 Rep System. With the 600 RS, there are 10 sets per body part. The reps start at 50 then decrease in number until you reach 10. At that point, the reps begin to increase to 50 again. As the reps decrease, your weight increases. Once the reps increase, the weight begins to decrease. Each set should go until failure. The ideal rest period in between exercises is no more than 1 minute but for the first few weeks, you might need every second of that.

Let’s say you are doing a chest press at 50 reps with 90 lbs. Everything is going great until you realize that you’re at 21 reps and your chest is about to give. Hit failure, rack the bar, take a breath, and continue. I don’t care how many sets it takes, you reach 50 then proceed to the next exercise.

Here is the breakdown:

– 1st set: 50 reps
– 2nd set: 40 reps
– 3rd set: 30 reps
– 4th set: 20 reps
– 5th set: 10 reps
– 6th set: 10 reps
– 7th set: 20 reps
– 8th set: 30 reps
– 9th set: 40 reps
– 10th set: 50 reps

For those of you weary about this type of lifting, I’d recommend doing three days of strength training, dividing your muscle groups into the following:

Monday: Chest and Biceps (Example: Incline Chest Press and Preacher Curls)
Tuesday: Cardio and Core
Wednesday Back and Triceps (Example: Pull-Ups and Skull Crushers)
Thursday Cardio and Core
Friday: Quads and Hamstrings (Example: Box Squats and Extended Lunges)
Saturday: REST
Sunday: REST

This exercise system is going to cause muscle hypertrophy in a big way. Done consistently and faithfully, you’ll see big improvements in size and strength. Like any other program, it can be molded by the person doing it. If you want to break it into two exercises per body part (Example: Sets 1-5: Bench Press, Sets 6-10: Cable Crossover) then go for it. Make this system work with you, not against you. Just be sure to follow the guidelines and brag about the results when you can.

Article 7- 600 Rep System- Image 3

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