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The Carnival of Venice (Italian: Carnevale di Venezia) is a famous festival held every year in Venice, Italy. The Carnival marks the ending of Easter Lent, which is 40 days before Easter on Shrove Tuesday (Fat Tuesday or Martedì Grasso), the day before the Ash Wednesday.

The first Carnevale di Venezia was held in 1162 and remained popular throughout the late Middle Ages and the Renaissance, until it slowly declined by the 18th century. The carnival was reintroduced again in 1979 and now is the major tourist attraction of Italy.

The famous Venetian masks are the trademark feature of the Carnival of Venice – with the tradition stretching back into the turbulent dark Middle Ages of Europe, the mysterious, detached visages of the most famous Venetian masks – Bauta, Colombina, Moretta, Medico della Peste, Moretta and other are instantly recognizable.

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