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Ok, not everyone likes sports, but being at a big stadium with loads of people watching something the whole world pays attention to is a great experience for everyone. Looking around you and feeling the unity among the fans usually puts a smile on faces of even the most bored people.

Brasil football fan wearing a green wig

Happy Brazil fans

And it doesn’t mean that there have to be loads of people. Players of any basketball team that were playing as guests in Belgrade against Partizan will tell you what kind of noise only 6,000 fans can create. They can tell you about the times they couldn’t hear the referee, or hit a free throw. They can tell you how those fans support their team even when it’s losing and to what great achievements this has brought them. But also watching huge numbers of people make waves on a soccer match in Brazil where the entire country lives for the sport is truly an outstanding experience.

So, this is the list of the top sports events you should visit and experience.

Olympic Games

Ok, you could see this one coming. To be honest, it is probably a lot more interesting to watch them from home, since there are so many events that going just for one is definitely not enough. Still, this is the biggest meeting of sports people in the world, and many famous athletes dream of being there. Loads of records get broken, and generally the entire world turns its attention to this event.

Olympic rings in color on a white background

Olympic Games Logo

Football (Soccer) World Cup

This is the most popular sport in the world and the World Cup is the time when national prides sky rocket and the people in any soccer-loving country think about nothing else. But, the quality of the game at the World Cup is not as good as it is in the next competition we are about to present.

Gold football trophy

FIFA World Cup Trophy

Champions League Football

Generally, most of the players who play at the highest level are in Europe and they play this club competition. They play together a lot more and they know each other a lot better than they do during a World Cup, so the best teams and players in the world meet each other in the final stages. Every year, as the final approaches, the whole sports world turns to this. Being at the stadium during the last match of the season is an unforgettable experience.

Barcelona and Real Madrid players group photo

UEFA Champions League – Best teams and players at one place, and this every year

American Football Super Bowl

Super Bowl is one of the biggest shows in the world and not just in sports. The Americans really know how to make a spectacle and they know how to make money on it. Super Bowl has the most expensive television air time, and there is a reason for this. As if the game itself weren’t enough, the half time show is also one of the most anticipated moments of the year.

view of a football stadium during the Super Bowl

Super Bowl in progress – packed stadium

Wimbledon Tennis Tournament

Wimbledon is one of the four Grand Slams in tennis and it is probably the most famous one due to the great history. Not even constant troubles with the British weather managed to diminish the tradition filled with the best matches played by the best players, as well as loads of champagne and strawberries.

aerial view of Wimbledon tennis courts

Wimbledon – The most desired tennis title

Formula One

Probably the most global sport in the world. The people who have had the opportunity to be in the crowd for one of these events say that nothing can match the sound of one a Formula One car passing by at 15,000rpm. And the good thing is that the races take place all over the world, so it is a lot easier to get to a race, than it is to get to some other events we mentioned here.

aerial view of a formula one starting line

Formula One cars at the starting line



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