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Myspace (previously also known as MySpace and My_____) once ruled the Internet. Founded in 2003, it was one of the first and surely the most visited social networking site in the world. For example, back in June 2006, Myspace had more unique website visitors than (even) Google  in the United States.

However, when Facebook came forth, Myspace began its slow fall towards obscurity. Despite the numerous redesigns, Myspace has slowly but steadily dwindled in popularity since 2008.  In June 2011, Myspace was purchased by pop star Justin Timberlake and Specific Media Group who set out on a difficult task of bringing the old glory back to the former star of the Internet.

Screenshot of New Myspace

Timberlake tweeted a video of the new version of Myspace this week, but the launch date is still unknown. The new, entirely rebuilt and redesigned Myspace is targeted primarily at musicians, composers, painters, designers and other creative artists. Of course, entertainment has always been the focus of Myspace, but this time the things are slightly different.

Say goodbye to blog posts, bulletins and custom CSS profile page designs, because the new Myspace is supposed to be a platform where fans could interact with their favorite artists while the classic social networking aspects of the website are slightly out of focus this time. The new Myspace is a “social entertainment destination”, not only a social networking website.

Since Myspace had major influence on pop culture in its heyday, this new approach seems reasonable. In case the popular artists – other than Timberlake himself –  find the new Myspace interesting and cool enough platform of online interaction with their fans, the new Myspace will have good chances to survive.

Although the history and track record of all major websites prove that content and ease of use – and not design – are what really counts and what eventually brings the success, the new Myspace really looks beautiful.  The new, clearer design was obviously developed with iPad or Windows 8 devices in mind and it is the design that makes the major departure both from classic Myspace layout, but also from Facebook, Google + and Twitter. The horizontal pages look more like a tablet app than a “real” website.

New Myspace Screenshot

Once again, the focus on tablets seems reasonable – technology has changed a lot since the decline of Myspace began back in 2008, tablets are a norm nowadays and the new Myspace is targeted at the younger users and the majority of the tablet users are people between 15 and 35.

The home page of the new Myspace retains the format of other popular social networking sites, showing “the Stream”, a collection of pictures, videos, music and short status updates posted by “connections.”  Connections are, of course, what used to be “friends” on old Myspace.

“Mixes”, collections of pictures and songs, are another new Myspace feature. Each user of new Myspace now has the opportunity to be a DJ . The promo video features a mix called “Jake’s Housewarming,” a debut mix of a user named David Croft.

The official launch date of the new Myspace is still unknown – no other information than “coming soon” could be obtained at this point.

As usually, we will have to wait and see what will become of the new Myspace. With Justin Timberlake as its icon and the new design that should appeal to both the artists and their younger fans, the new, revamped and recreated  Myspace has good chances of becoming the next big thing on the Internet.

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