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Some cities in the world are on everyone’s to-visit list, and it is no surprise that Paris is the most visited city in the world, what with its amazing architecture and charm, but also its museums, history and the people. Even old French cars in mint condition which are still very present on the streets of this city give it a special charm. Also, having sights like the Eiffel Tower, or Champs Elysees helps a lot. But, recent surveys have shown that some less known cities are getting more popular. Don’t expect to see some city you have never heard of on the list of the most visited ones, but the fact that Rome isn’t there must come as a bit of a surprise. And same goes for Venice.

1. Paris

Panoramic view of Paris

Panoramic view of the skyline in Paris at sundown

Ok, Paris is number one, we’ve already said that. The number of visitors every year is just under 15 million.

2. London

Carousel in London

London Eye, just one of the sights worth visiting. You can see half the country from up there.

The capital of UK is number 2 and that does not really come as much of a surprise, especially knowing that its largest airport, Heathrow, is the busiest airport in the world. This is one beautiful city that not even rain can spoil. I have never heard anyone say that London disappointed them. Over 14 million people visit London a year and they mainly come for its famous sights, such as the Big Ben, the Houses of Parliament, Trafalgar Square, Buckingham Palace and many other. Speaking about the Palace, the British Royal Family is also a great reason for a visit, since large portion of the tourist offer of England is based Queen Elizabeth and Co.

3. Bangkok

Palace in Bangkok

Royal Grand Palace in Bangkok

Ok, it is well known, but number 3? Yeah, over 10 million tourists visit Bangkok every year. The only downside to this is the fact that Bangkok has a reputation of being the capital of sex tourism, so it may not seem as a place for a nice family holiday. Still, this would be wrong, since Bangkok is a beautiful and cosmopolitan city and a bit of digging around for its different sights might end up being very rewarding.

aerial view of a stadium in Singapore

Singapore Sports Hub

4. Singapore

About 10 million people go to Singapore every year, but most of them for business. Still, the city is known for being safe, but not boring nonetheless. It is most famous as a shopping place, with very low prices and great offers. Should you get tired of shopping, numerous bars and restaurants are great places for a rest, especially the ones around the port. You might even get amused by a funny law in Singapore.

skyline in Kuala Lumpur at night

Kuala Lumpur skyline at night

5. Kuala Lumpur

Almost 9 million people visit Kuala Lumpur and they mostly go there for the multicultural experience it offers, but also for the KL Towers, which are very close to being the tallest buildings in the world. Oh, yes, also five star hotels are surprisingly cheap there.

new york city view at night

New York City skyline panorama

6. New York City

You must have been wondering if we have forgotten it by now. But, no, the Big Apple is only at number 6, and this is mostly due to visa policy and the prices there. Still, its architecture, art, sights and world famous nightlife should be good enough to endure the perils of getting a visa.

view of Hotel in Dubai at night

Burj al Arab, the only seven star hotel in the world

7. Dubai

The fastest growing city in the world has a lot to offer. First of all, the oil wealth gives them the opportunity to build just about anything, so it should not surprise you that there are some amazing hotels there that you can’t see nowhere else in the world-such as Burj al Arab, the only SEVEN star hotel in the world, amazing beaches, as well as an indoor skiing centre in the middle of a desert.

timeline view of Dubai's growth

Amazing growth of Dubai since 1990

Hotel in Istanbul

Kalyon Hotel in Istanbul

8. Istanbul

Its oriental charm attracts loads of tourists. Istanbul is different than anything you have ever seen. Its mosques, street markets and amazing architecture are wonderful, but what gets stuck in every visitor’s memory are the people who live there.

aerial view of the hong kong skyline

Hong Kong skyline

9. Hong Kong

The place where the east and west meet is in the middle of Asia, as strange as that seems. Even though it seems like a western city (since it used to be British for a long time), it is still in China and this gives it amazing variety of cultures. This is the place that you really should visit.

aerial view in Shanghai

Aerial view of the Shanghai Tower

10. Shanghai

As if being the most populated country in the world isn’t enough, China has two cities on the list of the most visited places. In Shanghai, there are over 6.5 million of them every year. Most of them come for business, but the city does have so much more to offer. China is becoming more and more open to the world, but still very special, so a visit there is a must.


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