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Climbers seem like a kind of a cult. Very often they talk just about that and look forward to every new adventure. The adrenaline rush is a kind of a fix for them and they can’t wait for it. And if you get the chance to meet at least two of them together, forget about speaking about anything else. So, let’s have a look at the places these extreme sport people view as almost religious.

These are the top places for climbing.


1 – Mount Everest

This is the highest climb in the world and that is what puts it at the top of the list. It is not the most challenging one, but climbing to over 29,000 ft must be a challenge in its own right. The weather conditions are extreme, to say the least, and the possibility of altitude sickness is very present. You will need a guide to help you through this place, but the view from the top and the notion you got to the very top of the world must be an amazing reward.

Mount Everest - view from the ground

Mount Everest

2 – K2

K2 is the mountain between China and Pakistan and it is the second highest mountain in the world. Only well experienced professionals ever try themselves here. The only time you can attempt this peak is summer, since winter weather conditions make it impassable. No one has ever scaled K2 in the winter.

K2 Mountain view from a valey


3 – Matterhorn, Switzerland

At 14,692 ft Matterhorn is one of the highest peaks in Europe, but the most dangerous one as well since it was the last one of the Alps to be scaled. The scenery is just amazing all through the year and a visit in any time will make you a lifelong fan of this lovely place. Still, be warned that Matterhorn is very dangerous so only experienced climbers should try it.

Matterhorn Mountain, view from a lake

Matterhorn in Switzerland

4 – Nutcracker, USA

This is one of the best climbs in Yosemite National Park and just the fact that it is where it is gives it the amazing scenery Yosemite is famous for. This is a short climb, only about three hours long, and it is rated at 5.8 by National Geographic for difficulty.

climber at the Nutcracker in Yosemite

Nutcracker in Yosemite National Park

5 – Damavand Mountain, Iran

The country the size of Iran is bound to have diverse landscape and if you want to climb a place that not many climbers have visited Damavand is the place to go to. Most of the peaks are between 16,000 ft and 20,000 ft, so this is challenging. Also, they are surrounded by lovely hot springs and glaciers. Every passionate climber will love Damavand.

view of Damavand mountain from the ground level

Damavand Mountain in Iran

6 – Mount Kilimanjaro, Kenya

Despite being over 19,000 ft high this is a climb that is known for not being extremely difficult, so it is very popular with celebrities. You can choose from three different peaks and one of the biggest perks of Kilimanjaro is its setting. Wildlife is amazing and climbing to the top gives you the view not many people have enjoyed.

Mount Kilimanjaro aerial view surrounded by clouds

Mount Kilimanjaro – Aerial View