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In the 1700s poor people started using small corn to produce whiskey, since it was quite cheap. The whiskey was very strong, and it was not left to age properly. Very soon moonshine became a very promising business, but also illegal. Its name actually comes from this fact, because the distillers produced and sold the whiskey at night, by the light of the moon. It being illegal is also the reason why it wasn’t left to age properly, due to the fact that it needs to spend a couple of years in barrels and it is usually not a very good idea to keep a large number of barrels filled with illegal liquor in your basement for a couple of years. The word tends to get out.

Anyway, back to the present. Now there are several bars in the USA where you can have a drink like this, and here is the list of the best ones.

The Fifth Floor – San Francisco, CA

This is the restaurant of the Palomar hotel. Its looks are pretty basic, but the food and drinks can seem somewhat unusual, with deserts that are not always just sweet (combining sugar and spices) and special cocktails containing raw whiskey, such as ‘’The Sun Also Rises’’. The fact that it was named one of the top 10 new restaurants of 2011 by SF Gate should make you feel safe while you are trying out some of the foods and drinks that you can find nowhere else.

Art & Soul – Washington, DC

Famous chef Art Smith is the one responsible for the new and modern approach to foods and drinks as well. He grew up in a small southern town and he proudly represents his origins through his cuisine. Should you come here for the drinks we mentioned earlier, you should ask for ‘’Mark Up’’ or ‘’Session’’ due to the fact that they both contain raw whiskey mixed with lime and strawberries respectively.

Tipsy Parson – New York, NY

Here you can have raw whiskey not only in cocktails, but straight as well. And it is aptly called ‘’Southern soul’’. They pride themselves mostly on their food, but straight ‘’Southern soul’’ or a cocktail named ‘’Moonshine Manhattan’’ should provide for a memorable experience, once your hangover wears out.

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