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If you are one of the lucky ones who have already seen most famous tourist attractions such as the Eiffel Tower, or the Statue of Liberty, you might be after something else. Here are some places that you could visit and brag about when talking to your friends. You will be able to say that you visited them before they were famous. If you are a hipster, this is a great thing. Just kidding, please don’t be a hipster, but by all means, do visit these places.

Underwater Museum, Cancun, Mexico

Snorkeling is fun as it is, but the underwater museum in Cancun offers another benefit to this. Apart from the fact that you are enjoying the coral reefs and colorful fish of the warm waters of the Caribbean Sea, you will also see numerous full-size human sculptures that dwell in these waters. These were made by the artist Jason deCaires Taylor who used pH-neutral concrete to create them. This museum was opened in 2010 and it is only three miles offshore. A great place for divers, since you will not know where to look first – at the beautiful marine life everywhere around you or at the lovely sculptures that are reminiscent of some remains of a sunken ship, even though they are not that. Here just some of the things you can see in the museum.

Silent Evolution Cancun

Silent Evolution in Cancun

Underwater VW Beetle

Underwater VW Beetle also at the Underwater Museum

Underwater Museum Cancun

Underwater Museum in Cancun

Underwater Museum Cancun (2)

Underwater Museum in Cancun

Underwater Museum Cancun (3)

Underwater Museum in Cancun

Fogo Island, Newfoundland

Newfoundland is known to be a nice remote place for a great rest, but this mainly fishing community is becoming more popular as the place for modern artists to be at. The Guardian actually called it the world’s wildest arts scene. So what is it all about? Basically, just a number of stilted modernist art studios overlooking the ocean. These studios are welcoming various artists through a residency program and this makes this place one of the hottest art places in the world. Another perk is the hotel with 29 rooms that fits the picture perfectly. Every art lover will adore this place.

Fogo Island long studio

Fogo Island long studio

Royal Shakespeare Company Theatre, England

Well, not just England, but Shakespeare’s birthplace of Stratford-upon-Avon. The theatre opened in 2011 at the start of its 50th season. Apart from viewing Shakespeare’s plays at the place where everything is dedicated to the great writer, you get the chance to enjoy the four bars, a café by the river and the stunning rooftop restaurant. On a clear day (bear in mind that you are in England, so there might not be many of those) you absolutely must visit the 118 feet high tower that offers a great view of the place as well as of the three counties surrounding it. How big everything is you can see from the fact that there you can see Patrick Stewart in the role of Shylock there.

Royal Shakespeare Theatre

Royal Shakespeare Company Theatre