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After several articles about the adventure travel destinations all over the globe, we decided to localize things. You’ve already learned what you can do in Mexico, New Zealand and Tasmania, as well as in Bhutan and some African countries. We talked about the Death Road, the Dakar Rally and the shark infested beaches, but now it is time for some great adventure ideas for the USA territory.



For example, you can bobsled. Yes, this is that scary winter Olympics discipline where the competitors sit in a small “vehicle” and go down the track at breathtaking speeds. Ah, yes, the track is also very narrow and consisted of loads of curves bounded by the walls of ice. Great, right? Here is a random video of a bobsled run, just to get your blood pumping. At about 1:20 it starts getting fast.

Yeah, this could be you. The Adirondacks, a mountain range in Lake Placid with over 40 peaks higher than 4,000 ft is the place that you should visit. Apart from the preserved forests, mountains, lakes and generally amazing scenery, this place is also the home to the only dedicated bobsled track in the USA that used to be a track used in the 1980 Winter Olympic Games.
Here is what you’ll do. First you will sit between the two professionals that will be driving the bobsled and this will make you a part of the team. Then you will start your run. At first it is a bit slow, but very soon you will be going faster than you probably go in your car. During the journey you will pass through the famous turns named Shady, Labyrinth and The Heart. At high speeds you will feel the vigorous shaking of the sled. Some halfway through you’ll probably start shaking, and maybe even crying, but that is considered normal. The whole thing lasts less than a minute, but that is more than enough. At the end, when the sled stops, you will get out, wipe your tears and ask when you can go again.

Aerial view of a Bobsled track in the Adirondacks

Olympic Bobsled Track – Mt Van Hoevenburg, Adirondacks

Ice climbing

Man ice climbing in Alaska

Ice climbing in Alaska

There are several places for this, but Valdez, Alaska is considered to be the best place for ice climbing in the US. The scenery is unimaginable, since the waterfalls are known to freeze creating amazing routes for ice climbing. There is another good reason to visit this place if you are into ice climbing. Many different climbs start very close to the main road, so dragging loads of equipment is something you will not do.

View of Keystone Canyon

Keystone Canyon

Still, bear in mind that ice climbing is not for everyone. That bobsled adventure we talked about is relatively easy and safe, however mind blowing, but for ice climbing you have to be experienced and fit, and you also need proper equipment. So, if you like the sport, but you are not very experienced, you should start slow and skip Valdez for now.

Man ice climbing

Ice climbing-only for the brave



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