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In today’s world, how many people do you honestly know without some sort of mobile device? While there are some who stick to the minimal technology of yesterday, the rest of us enjoy our smart phones, tablets and MP3 players all too much, and tend to take for granted how often these devices are in danger of water damage and the detrimental effects thereafter.

When is the Last Time You Backed Up Your Data?

Lets be honest: despite the fact that backing up the data on your mobile device is an easy, almost automated process (other than physically plugging the USB cord into the device), how often have you found yourself scrambling to remember when the last time you completed that very task due to the fact that you just dropped your device in some body of water? Of course, there is no replacement for excellent back-up and syncing habits, but Liquipel has to be the next best thing. What is Liquipel, you ask? Simply put, it is the culmination of years of scientific research into liquid protection nanotechnology, resulting in a complete, innovative solution for waterproofing your mobile devices.

How Does it Work?

It is actually a very simple process. You send your phone to Liquipel in the mail, and once they receive it, a special coating is applied inside and out. Liquipel claims that the coating in no ways affects your headphone jack quality or the quality of any component, for that matter, as the coating is 1,000 (yes, one-thousand) times thinner than a human hair. They then return your device to you, fully prepared to deal with any accidental exposure to moisture. The company makes it very clear, however, that despite their marketing and promotional videos, you should never intentionally introduce your device into a wet environment. Liquipel, for all intents and purposes, is simply and extra measure of protection, and should be treated as such.


Liquid Protection Nanotechnology Sounds Expensive

True, but you may be surprised at how affordable this technology really is. Prices start at $59.95 for phones, $89.99 for tablets, and $60.00 for headphones (now your $150 Beats by Dr. Dre can be safe and secure from water damage!), as well as custom quotes for anything else you would like to consider having coated. The company also offers faster turnaround time for an extra $10.Liquipel-2

Final Impression

While there are certainly alternatives to getting your phone coated with a waterproof coating, such as waterproof cases, many find these cases too bulky and hard to manage in and out of pockets/purses. For about the same price as a waterproof cover, Liquipel allows you to waterproof your device and/or headphones without any added bulk. Extra protection from impact is then totally up to the user. At any rate, Liquipel is innovative, practical, and offers a glimpse into the future of waterproofing our electronics, starting with our mobile devices. While, ideally, we will all remember to backup our data daily, Liquipel is doing their part to ensure that, should we forget, our devices may just pull through that accidental toilet submersion to be backed up another day!