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We all know how that our bodies can get extra sensitive after lunch. There are so many things that can make digestion period very unpleasant. On the other hand some things make us feel good after lunch, we tend to do them often and, after a while, they become some kind of a ritual to us. Here is the list of “don’ts” for digestion period. If you find any of your own rituals on this list, maybe you should consider their termination, or at least, their postponing.

No smoking

Ever, if possible, but if you are a smoker, smoking after lunch is an especially terrible idea. Most smokers say they particularly enjoy a smoke after a meal. They are still sitting at the table and, as soon as the last bite is over, they reach for their cigarettes. Although you will probably not feel bad after this (if you were feeling bad, you wouldn’t be doing this), your body will feel like you have smoked several cigarettes at the same time. Apparently, our digestion system influences our whole body and thus nicotine gets linked to the oxygen in our blood making us absorb higher quantities of it in a very short amount of time. That’s why some people put out the cigarette after a meal when they have smoked only a half, because they start feeling sick.

Man smoking a cigarette after eating

Smoking after lunch is a bad idea

No fruit

Now, this may sound strange. But, there are at least two reasons why this is not a good idea. The first one is that different enzymes are responsible for digesting different types of food and that mixtures of particular enzymes can make you feel bad for a while. The second reason is that, generally speaking, fruit does get through our digestion system rather quickly, but if our stomachs are full, their processing will take a lot more time, so they will start rotting and thus release some poisons that can, among other things, cause cellulite, if you guys care about it. Eat fruit when your stomachs are empty, or at least two hours after a meal.

couple eating a red apple

This may seem like a great idea, but not after lunch

No swimming

Swimming and water make our blood circulation improve and this is generally a good thing. Our whole body gets increased blood supply, which is great. But, after a meal our stomachs need extra amounts of blood for proper digestion, so you see the conflict. No swimming for at least an hour after a meal.

No exercise

This advice might be implied in the previous one, since swimming is a kind of exercise. And we have already addressed it in this health post. There you will find out how much time needs to go buy after a particular meal before you can get to those pushups. Making yourself feel bad can reduce the effects of a workout as well as undermine your motivation.